December 2016 update for Material design guidelines: Cross-platform adaptation and more

Material design. When it was released way back in 2014 people did ask, “How do I use this on iOS?” or “How does this work on the web?”. Well, say no more as Google has decided to address this problem add a new Platforms section  just for that. The guide isn’t definitely very extensive – it doesn’t dive very deep into the more nuanced considerations for cross-platform design. But it is a promising step in the right direction, giving developers advice on things like adopting platform-specific list controls, how to format toolbars, and some brief examples of gesture controls you should or shouldn’t use on each platform. The update also coincides nicely with the release of Material Components for Android, iOS, and the web.material_design-platform_adaptation_intro

A new sub-section has also been added for launcher shortcut (now “app shortcut”) iconography, providing a definition for the icons including the gray “live area,” padding, and icon sizing.style_icons_launcher_shortcuts_01_intro.png

Other changes in the December update include “significant updates” to sections on bidirectionality, accessibility (with important guidance on sound, controls, labels, and testing), selection and a whole section on help & feedback, codifying some of the patterns we’ve seen in Google’s own apps around placement, behavior, and writing style for help content and feedback options. You can find out more about the December update here.

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