TCL acquires global rights BlackBerry brand

BlackBerry is done with mobile development, as it has now given that over to the TCL Corporation, a Chinese manufacturer. BlackBerry only does its own services like BBM now. The news follows an announcement the Canadian company made in September, that it would stop making its own phones.

The terms of the agreement state that TCL will “design, manufacture, sell and provide support for BlackBerry branded phones”, while Blackberry will integrate its own products. The deal is stated to be global, however there’s a catch: TCL won’t operate in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal or Sri Lanka.Why? Because apparently BlackBerry does a similar thing in Indonesia and is currently working on a deal with an Indian company. Also, this isn’t TCL’s first dead-brand purchase; it also bought Palm back in January 2016(but just left it to rot).

TL;DR, any new phone you buy that’s “BlackBerry” isn’t actually made by BlackBerry. In fact, the DTEK 50 and 60 were also made by TCL using the parts of the Alcatel Idol 4(which was also made by TCL, as it owns Alcatel).

It’s sad to see a good phone maker(that nearly commanded about 20% of the smartphone market) just fade away, but since TCL has a good track record(Alcatel), I hope to see it survive. Anyway, BlackBerry also has a future in secure software solutions for businesses in QNX, so no biggie.

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