Tesla will charge you if you’re parking too long at a Supercharger

Tesla, the KotH when it comes to EVs, also has charging stations called Superchargers, that are probably some of the fastest chargers on the planet. But, there’s a catch: you need time to charge. Time. Now because of this, some people abuse the stations by just leaving their cars there even though they’re fully charged. Now, Tesla has decided to address this issue and change a few things.

We designed the Supercharger network to enable a seamless, enjoyable road trip experience. Therefore, we understand that it can be frustrating to arrive at a station only to discover fully charged Tesla cars occupying all the spots. To create a better experience for all owners, we’re introducing a fleet-wide idle fee that aims to increase Supercharger availability.

This means that people will have to pay a little if they leave their cars. But, you will get alerted if your car is fully charged: 

The Tesla app allows owners to remotely monitor their vehicle, alerting them when their charge is nearly complete and again once fully charged. For every additional minute a car remains connected to the Supercharger, it will incur a $0.40 idle fee. If the car is moved within 5 minutes, the fee is waived. To be clear, this change is purely about increasing customer happiness and we hope to never make any money from it.

So yeah. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments if Tesla is doing the right thing.

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