The Google App might soon get a lite mode and more

The Google app, particularly on android has seen a few overhauls since its release many years ago. But recently , users have been seeing new options(particularly the split between News and Upcoming) including a lite mode and a Recent(ly searched) tab.

A few users have seen some new Google app features in testing and some look like they could add nice functionality. First up is a new Recent tab in the left side slide-out menu, which as the name suggests would be an easy spot to find your most recent searches. There are ways to do that already, but having a central spot would be nice. Even better, the Recent tab would group together the pages you visited off of a certain search to make it easier to find results again.


Credits: Pranjal Ramawat

But perhaps the most useful feature by far would have to be the lite mode, useful for users who commute to work on subways and people in remote locations where cellular service usually  isn’t that good.nexus2cee_google-search-lite-31

Continuing the trend of helping with spotty connections, there is also a new offline search mode, which would tell you when your search is done so that you can view the results. A “manage searches” option is also present in case you want to see the searches waiting to complete in the background and modify or delete them if you want.

Offline mode.png

Credits: Fedor von Bock

Remember that these are all server-side changes, and that these could dissapear any moment Google wants them to. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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