NVIDIA’s 2017 Shield(s) leak out of nowhere

I mean, a refresh was in the works, but two? Apparently yes, because Android Police has unearthed a few fresh leaks from an anonymous entity(don’t want to sound cheesy, but I am unfortunately..). Anyway, the new model is exactly the same, geometric triangle design, and the remote is still the same beauty it was, but the controller…


Hoo boy!

The controller is beautiful with the rendered-geometry design and from the looks of it, kinda has a larger grip this time around.It also doesn’t seen to have a touchpad, which might be a render mistake, or just plain reality. Either way, it’s gorgeous.

Although thing is, two sizes of the console have leaked. Here’s the bigger one:


Credits: Android Police

Android Police and others think that the above one is the new console, and the one on display at the top is simply a refreshed variant of the old one. We will be getting more info on this at CES 2017,(which is coming up petty fast!), so stay tuned!

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