SIGMΛ Fi, RΞvø’d

Hi. It’s been a while(about 48 days to be exact), and there have been many things I’ve had to witness. A few hiccups in my daily life, some other matters and I had to stop. But no more. I shall resume. Sigma Fi(now rebranded as or SIGMΛ Fi), has been reborn and outfitted with a ton of stuff. We finally got ourselves a domain,, and we even have a Twitter and Facebook.(Not to mention, a Google+ and YouTube channel). Links are above and down below. We decided to ditch escutcheon for something a little more, elegant. Not to mention, we have links to an RSS feed down below.(Is anyone still even using that? 😅) I’ve made myself a promise, that I will evolve SIGMΛ Fi into something much more than just a news blog. And I shall stick to that vow. – Z Ξ T Γ Ø ζ ϰ ψ

P.s. We still aren’t hiring. And probably won’t lul.

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