Cyanogen Inc’s lineage is Andrasta

When Cyngn(Cyanogen Inc.) announced that they were killing themselves in December 2016, they took the world by storm. A pretty good project turned into a promising startup, then they screwed up and everything turned into a hot mess. But uh, apparently they’re coming back it seems. As CM(CyanogenMod)’s Lineage continued via Lineage OS, McMaster is working on bringing Cyngn back as Andrasta, as revealed by a since-deleted tweet. The photos show a completely deformed Tesla Model S and a damaged Cyngn buil-


Ok I’m sorry it’s apparently a rebranded Cyngn Palo Alto office building, I guess. Anyway, it seems that the Tesla which belongs to a local employee crashed into the building. I just hope Kirt got himself some insurance for that. And if you zoom in on that door to the right,

Thanks, Android Police. 😅

you can just about make out the hero image of this post. And here’s a picture of the rekt Tesla:

If anyone knows who this belongs to, please tell me lul.

What makes it even more intriguing is that when you head over to the Andrasta website, it showcases Tesla’s logo in the “built by people from/brought to you by” sections at the bottom of the page. It also features names like Microsoft (with whom Cyanogen eventually struck the Cortana deal), Google, Qualcomm and many other major players in the tech industry.

At the moment, Andrasta is looking for professionals on LinkedIn, and it describes itself as:

At Andrasta we’re designing a future that is quite extraordinary, something that will change the way we live our lives and challenge the very essence of the daily journey. We believe that technology should work for you and not the other way around. It should be powerful, predictive and most of all… about you. We are a dynamic team building the future hailing from companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Qualcomm and many more. All of it brought to you by top tier investors from Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, Redpoint, Index and others.

Even though it might take a little more time, this might just work.

Source: Twitter (deleted)

Via : Android PoliceDroidmen

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