Google app wild alpha seems to be enabling the Google Assistant on some devices

About 15 hours ago, a wild Google app beta update appeared. Or so it seemed, for it was in reality an alpha. It gave the androids immense new features and brand new functionality, like recent searches, pending search management and lite mode selection. It also gave a few of the elite droids access to the Google Assistant, the most advanced of the AIs. Unique Features like home automation, jokes and even conversations could be had with Google Assistant.

Anyway, version 6.13 enables the Google Assistant on a bunch of devices, ranging from the S7 to the Alcatel Idol 4, to even the moto z.

On first run, users are greeted with a message informing them of the upgrade:

Credits: Android Police

From that point, pressing and holding down the home button reveals the same “Hi, how can I help?” prompt. Complete settings for Assistant are now available in the Google app, as are tutorials listing what Assistant can do. It’s more than likely that this is rolling out in error, as devices are mistakenly being identified as a Pixel in settings.
Additionally, Google seems to be testing a new streamlined weather card as well.

Before installing, please note that not everybody who sideloaded has the Google Assistant enabled for them. The app is quite buggy, with frequent crashes and the Feed cards not properly loading until a force stop.

Source: Android Police

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