5G is official, speeds up to 25 Gbps

5G. Probably something you’ve been hearing every now so often near some CEOs, blogs (such as this one) and your boss. What is this 5G? Will this give my device moar gigabites? Megapickles? No. But it will give you much faster speeds than 4G has ever promised you.

Faster than 4G LTE Advanced Pro?

If this is your question, shut up and keep reading. Your questions will all be answered in time to come.

But wait, aren’t we just kind of now starting to get 4G everywhere? Isn’t it too early to be talking about the next gen wireless tech? Oui. And that’s what this article wants to explain – a sorts of a reality check on 5G; when it’s coming, what it’s going to do and how it’ll affect your daily life.
What is 5G?

5G stands for the 5th generation of mobile networks / wireless systems. Why you ask? Well because of the usual reasons. Technological advancements, slow speeds, bad coverage, etc. 5G aims to eliminate sub 11mbps speeds and bring them up to an acceptable minimum; not that there’s anything that bad with 4G, it’s just that the coverage is a bit off and also because 11mbps is bad in 2020, especially when the Internet of Things is expanding rapidly. We’ve got connected cars, coffee machines, climate control, thermostats, showers and even roti makers (because why not?😎). So in order to control all these, we probably are going to need much better reception than just a normal LA connection and reception like hotel Wi-Fi.

Of course, we are going to see 4G and 5G exist together for a few years once 5G rolls out. And uh, coming to the main point, yes. 5G actually wants to give us really amazing speeds. Ericsson, in their testing achieved 25 Gigabits per second. If you don’t know how fast that is, it’s at least 4 times faster than SATA NVMe SSD, something that you might have in your PC/Laptop. Although you may want to take this with a grain of salt as 4G was originally touted with 100mbps speeds. Well, Samsung did achieve 1.2Gbps while traveling at 110km/h.

So yeah. Oh also, it’ll take at least another 5 years for 5G to actually come into the mainstream. Not to mention, in the meanwhile there’s this weird thing called 4.5G, which is basically LTE-A/Advanced Pro. Experts expect that it and 5G will coexist for a while, until 5G completely takes over (akin to 3g and 4G’s current status). Till then, you’re probably covered with your current phone if you bought it in the past two years or so.

Source: Android Police

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