Microsoft is redesigning Windows 10

Remember when you used to say, “Windows 10 seems too much like a skin on Windows 7!”? Well, say no more, because Microsoft is doing a lot of work to make Windows look, feel more responsive and behave like an operating system that actually feels like it was designed in the last year or so. Anyway, here’s how it looks like:

Have I seen this somewhere?

And yes, yes you have seen this somewhere else. Here’s the next one.

Come on man, I’ve seen these before.

Yes you have, again.


Ye I’m coming to it. Here.

Yeah but that’s still almost the same ri- OH.

Exactly. This was discovered and cleaned up by Tom Hounsell, the guy who runs BuildFeed, an online build tracker. Note that this basically means that project NEON, the thing that everyone’s been going crazy about since forever, is indeed coming in the update after RS2(I don’t want to call it RS3 because I have a feeling that it won’t be Redstone going forward).

Microsoft is apparently introducing a new component called “Acrylic” to the overall Windows 10 design, which will act as a method for developers to further customize the appearance of their universal apps. Project Neon also focuses on Microsoft’s efforts with 3D and HoloLens, tweaking UI elements in places where you interact with a mouse pointer. Here’s a GIF of it in action in the Groove app.

Do note that this one is the old app but it still does have a little acrylic in it(the top album art).

Now for the more bigger improvements; we’ve something called project Andromeda (which is exactly like Google’s Andromeda).

Windows is based on OneCore, a universal core for all editions. But it’s shell, the part that you see when you interact with Windows, is not exactly universal. There’s multiple versions of it; one for desktop, one for tablets (although it’s built-in to the desktop version), one for mobile, one for IoT devices, etc. With Andromeda, Microsoft aims to unify all these different UIs into a single shell, called CShell.

Composable Shell, for those unfamiliar, is a new adaptive shell in Windows 10 which will allow the OS to adapt to the device it’s currently running on. Parts of Composable Shell have already been found in Windows 10, by Microsoft enthusiast Walking Cat.

This new desktop experience will bring things like multi-window support to Continuum, a full-featured taskbar, toast notifications, and an updated Action Center, along with an user-interface that looks almost exactly like the desktop in Windows 10 PCs.

A little older, but totally still relevant lul

Tl;dr you’re in for a year of awesome if you’re an insider. But uh, please do take this with a grain of salt because this might take even more than the next update in 2017; we might see this in 2018. Let’s just hope Don Sarkar can give us a preview of this futura ultima before the end of the year, shall we?

Credits: MSPoweruserTom HounsellWalking Cat

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