Microsoft just confirmed the existence of the Surface Pro 5

Surface. A line of laptop/tablet hybrids that are really amazing(I’d like one to keep running SIGMΛ Fi lul.) And let me just say this right now, people have been waiting since forever for a brand new updated surface pro tablet. Why? Because they are awesome. Plus, we just found evidence that the 5th generation Surface Pro is in the pipeline, soon to be announced.

A while ago, Microsoft enthusiast Walking Cat found the LinkedIn profile of a Toby Fitch, a contracted product designer for Microsoft who’s been working there since June last year. On his description, he mentions:

Another leak on the Microsoft French Press hub was found by Tero Alhonen, another Microsoft enthusiast.

Does this mean that the Surface Pro 5 is legit? We don’t know, at the moment. What we do know, however, is the fact that the Surface Pro 5 will probably release around the time the creators update for Windows 10 gets released. What do you think? Is this actually the Surface Pro 5? Let us know in the comments below.

By the time of this article’s publishing, Fitch has removed his LinkedIn description and it is now blank.

SourcesWalking CatTero Alhonen

Via: WinCentral

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